About Us

Our history is brief, and this synopsis will reflect that fact. Winidore Press began publishing in 2000 under the auspices of Stephen Previtera, author of The Iron Time. Mr. Previtera acts as Creative Director and Art Director, and we have a staff of freelance editors and copyproofers.

Our small size is actually a large asset to authors. It means you can interact directly with those who are designing, editing and photographing images for your book. Currently, we are working on three new titles. All are military topics, with the collecting audience in mind.

Inside the U.S., we are distributed through Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com. However, the great majority of our sales are direct to the end user. Toward this end, we utilize direct mail to specified audiences as well as advertising in trade periodicals. All collateral and advertising materials are produced in-house, and we promote each book at trade conventions and exhibitions as well.

We are a growing publisher, yet any sample of our printed literature demonstrates a rare commitment to the collecting community. At Winidore Press, every project must be first rate, and each is carefully crafted and richly illustrated in full color. Pick up any Winidore Press publication and feel that commitment.

Every book we publish speaks “volumes” about our approach to publishing.