Into the Den of the Bear


Author: Hermann Pfaeffle




• 376 pages total
• 50 never before published photographs
• Full-color maps
• 5.5 x 8.5 inch format
• Library binding and acid free paper for longevity

Into the Den of the Bear is an eyewitness account of the Eastern Front unlike any other. The 17th Panzer Division served as the fist for General Heinz Guderian’s 2nd Panzer Army in Operation Barbarossa and the author, Hermann Pfaeffle, was there. Flung into Operation Winter Storm – the attempted relief of Sixth Army at Stalingrad – the unit was nearly cut-off and encircled itself. Hermann Pfaeffle was there. Joining up with 13th Panzer in the momentous retreat across the Hungarian plain, Pfaeffle escapes annihilation at Budapest only to face captivity in the hands of Résistance fighters. Facing death in numerous encounters, this is the story of a survivor and his four-years on the Eastern Front, the bloodiest killing fields in the history of warfare.

Praise for Into the Den of the Bear

“Leutnant Hermann Pfaeffle slogged and slugged his way through four years of Russian rage on the Eastern Front. What separates his memoir – excellently translated and published with Into The Den of the Bear – is the artfulness of his language. Pfaeffle’s descriptions of the actions, machines, and carnage of his war are vivid and deep, but his focus on the soldier’s private hell is what makes this book a hot brand on the memory.”

David L. Robbins – author of War of the Rats, Last Citadel, and The End Of War


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