Imperial Sky Vol. I: Flight Badges of the Imperial German and Bavarian Armies


Author: Stephen Previtera




• 616 pages with index
• Over 1,500 unpublished photos
• Weights, dimensions, metal type
• Newly discovered makers identified
• Maker marks and characteristics discussed
• Super-sized and micro imagery
• Large 8.5 x 11 landscape format
• Library binding and acid free paper for longevity

Imperial Sky Volume I: Flight Badges of the Imperial German and Bavarian Armies has kept author Stephen Previtera literally in the sky. Flying to continental Europe, the UK and across the USA, recording the beautiful and detailed imagery you expect from every Winidore Press Publication. To quote Previtera: “This is not just a collection of history’s spare parts, like many such publications, but an effort to connect the reader with the period.”

Customer Feedback for Imperial Sky Vol. I

“Your book is remarkable. I have learned so much today just from peering into the details and seeing for the first time some of the minutiae which defines the badges and rules out others….its also allowed me to positively identify a Juncker issue pilot with a firmness enough to make an offer on it.” – Canadian Collector

“You’re my new hero! With your book in hand, I feel confident that I can weed out most of the fakes as I continue to collect flight badges.” – American Collector

“You have made and published a great book again. Congratulations for the outstanding work.” -European Collector

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